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The Star Trek Bonus Feature (22:21)
The Star Trek Outline (0:00)
The Star Trek Concludes (24:47)
The Star Trek Continues (28:40)
The Star Trek Begins (26:07)

The Star Trek (4 Episodes)

Series: A Messy Birth

Episode #7 "The Star Trek Begins" (Matthew 2:1-11)
A Star Trek begins as God breaks onto the scene into the lives of some Magi in a most unexpected manner. Experience the grace of a God that destroys any box we might put Him into while in the process revealing His heart for a desperate world.

Episode #8 "The Star Trek Continues" (Matthew 2:1-11)
"Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?" A question that provokes four answers which represent all of humanity and ultimately, the crossroads of eternity. Find your place in the story and recognize, it's not about the information you know but rather, about what you do with the information you have.

Episode #9 "The Star Trek Concludes" (Matthew 2:1-12)
The wise men make their final push towards Bethlehem and discover that an encounter with the King requires getting low. As they bring their treasures to the the newborn King, they discover the truest treasure was not the one given, but received.

Episode #10 "Bonus Feature" added July 8, 2012

Release Date: June 17 & 24, July 1 & 8, 2012
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"A Messy Birth" Series Parts 4-6