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Raising the Bar




Podcasts in Series

The Right Foundation
Watch Out
An Unpopular Message
God Isn't a Vending Machine
Pitching Pearls to Pigs
Judge Not Or Else...
The Answer to Anxiety
The Anatomy of Anxiety
Choosing Your Master
Visiting the Heavenly Ophthalmologist
The Ultimate Treasure Hunt
The Inside Scoop on Moths, Rust, and Thieves
The Heart of Fasting
Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Forgive Us Our Debts
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
Your Kingdom, Your Will
Hallowed Be Your Name
Our Father in Heaven
Shut the Door!
When Prayer Goes Bad
How to Lose Heaven's Applause
Jesus Raises a Red Flag
The Death of PASSIVE-ism (Love Your Enemies Part 2
You Have Heard Wrong (Love Your Enemies Part 1)
Responding over Reacting
The Path to an Authentic Relationship
Divorce and the Three Exes
Going Under the Knife - Lust Surgery
How to Lust
The Worship God Wants: A Journey of Reconciliation
From Anger to Affection, the Power of the Gospel
The Obliteration of Anger Management
Raising the Bar Part 2
Raising the Bar Part 1