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An Encounter with Jesus




Podcasts in Series

Lord of the Sabbath (Part II)
Lord of the Sabbath (Part I)
Finding Hope When You’re Tired of Life (Part II)
Finding Hope When You’re Tired of Life (Part I)
When God Invites You to Dance
From Confusion to Conviction
Dealing with Doubt and Discouragement
Rewards God's Way
When Your Faith Isn't Private
When Fear is Not a Factor
When Persecution is a Promise
Sheep Among Wolves
Disciples on Mission
Jesus's Twelve
How To See the World Like Jesus
What Jesus Saw and Why We Don't
When the Blind Have Better Vision
When Life Hits Rock Bottom
When Jesus Crashes a Funeral
Stop Trying to Fix Your Life
Leaving the Tax Booth Behind
The Day Jesus Saw Faith
Demons, Death, and Deliverance
Storms, Stress, and the Savior
What Jesus Requires
God, Mother-In-Laws, and You
What Makes Jesus Marvel
Jesus is Contagious